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admin | February 8, 2020
Stress-free by JPLovesIt

The first question we should be asking is, is it possible to be stress-free in a relationship?

With all the drama and hurdles that relationships are laced with these days, people go into it with the idea that it is impossible to be stress-free. They make up their minds to just endure the stress and if it goes beyond their endurance level, they quit without looking back. It is this misconception that causes many relationships to crash before they even start.
But what if we told you that it is very possible to have a stress-free relationship?

By stress-free, we don’t mean problem-free or disagreement-free. Those are two different things and if in a relationship, there are no disagreements, then there is something wrong somewhere. No two humans are the same and as such, no two people can process events the same way.

Moving back to the main topic, we can boldly say that this is not an impossible feat because we’ve been there. The song “Stress-Free” is one that summarizes all that this article says.


stress-free relationships - JPLovesIt

Stress-free relationships – JPLovesIt


So, having said all of that, here are simple hacks to help you get rid of unnecessary stress in your relationship.

  • Get rid of the notion that relationship is “stressful”. Keeping a stress-free relationship starts with the mind. If you don’t believe that your relationship can exist devoid of all the stress factors you’ve pictures, then it indeed would happen. So, make conscious efforts to keep a positive mindset.
  • Let go of your walls. Usually, we tend to build walls so high that nobody, even us, can climb over in a bid to keep ourselves from being hurt. This can be a very cool thing to do until you finally find love. You would find it difficult to let anyone share your space not to mention, your thoughts. This can stress both parties out and lead to an impending break-up because the whole reason for being in a relationship is to share: love, experiences, pain, fears and almost everything that exists.
  • Communicate your feelings. Some people find this difficult to do but communication is one thing that can make all the difference in the world. Are you sad? Tell your partner. Are you confused? Say it. Are you super elated? Spill the goodness. Never keep your partner in the dark.
  • Use your words. Besides telling your partner how you feel, one way to destress is to shower your partner with kind words. You don’t have to be a poet or musician to do this. Just think of all the ways your partner makes you happy and all the things you would do or wish you could do for them and put it down in writing or simply say it. You don’t have to wait for any special occasion before being generous with your words.
  • Be quick to apologize. If you’ve battled with apologizing, this is the point where you have to drive to win that battle. The major reason for such is pride so simply put, get rid of your pride. Say sorry when you feel the need to and especially when you are wrong.

Once again, let go of your walls. It would only keep you in a world where only you exist. You may have been hurt before but don’t let your past do more damage than it already has. It has taken your happiness once, don’t let it do it again.
Live stress-free!

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