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JPLovesit And Tey Harper’s Interview

admin | July 28, 2019

JPLovesit And Tey Harper’s Interview At The Mystic Water Kava Bar

Nothing could quantify the joy I felt in my heart when I heard that Tey Harper, my good friend, was in town. Tey Harper is an actress, a fantastic and talented one for that matter, and she is based out of the East Coast.

Tey had come into town to work on few projects, and being the “opportunist’ that I am (I mean that in a good way though lol), I decided to seize her visit into town as an opportunity to pick her brain. Tey is one of the most intelligent, focused, talented, real, and determined people I know, and I would never let an opportunity for me to interact and learn with a great mind like Tey Harper slip through my fingers.

So, I told her about my plans to pick her brain. And to my joy and happiness she agreed. However, she said she would only allow me to pick her brain on one condition… And that was if I allowed her pick my brain as well.
I was exhilarated because little does she know that I am a Leo, and as any true Leo , I am down to talking about myself at any time.
I readily agreed to my part of our dual brain-picking tête-à-tête. And the instant I got the go-ahead from Tey, I decided to go in search of an alluring environment for our interview, somewhere nice and inviting where we could have a blissful conversation.

I came to realize that all artists are on the same damn boat! We are one big community fighting for some form of validation and acceptance from the public.

While searching for the perfect location for the interview, the first place that came to mind was the Mystic Water Kava Bar, a Kava Kava bar which is located at Huntington Beach, in the city of California. Let me digress a bit for those who don’t know what and where this is. The “Mystic Water Kava Bar’ is the best spot to find Kava Kava in California.

Also, the Kava Kava (which means “intoxicating pepper” literally) is an herbal remedy that’s made from the roots of Piper methysticum — a type of plant found in the Pacific Ocean Islands. The Pacific Islanders such as people from Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, and Tonga have used Kava for a very long time, as drinks for their social gatherings and herbs for their traditional medicine.

Folks make a mixture from these roots with water, coconut milk, or any other nutritious drink. The Kava Kava functions like alcohol in your body, it calms your nerves, keeps you relaxed, wards off insomnia and boosts good rest, relieves stress, reduces the risk of cancer, and helps reduces PMS pains, needles to say Kava will have you singing kumbaya in a matter of seconds after you take it. And I decided that there was no better place to pick at each other’s brains than at Mystic Water!” And there we went for our interview.

The interview commenced with a lot of back and forth between us, and during the course of the interview, I came to realize that all artists are on the same damn boat! Despite the fact that some artists get so caught up in the glitz, glamour, and hype of the entertainment world, we are the same.

We are one big community fighting for some form of validation and acceptance from the public.

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