My Music, My Art

Music is art that makes our hearts dance with joy, at least for me. Do you love music?

Have you ever heard a beat or sound playing on the radio but wish it could be better? Perhaps a mix of instrument, tempo, and beats would take it to the next level because something is missing.

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Welcome to the launching of my brand new website!

Thank you all for being part of my musical journey, for taking the time to listen, comment, and offering excellent suggestions that have groomed me in this experience.

Furthermore, I want to especially thank everyone for supporting my latest world music single “Judy”. It is a beautiful piece by me and will love you to hear it too.

I love music, but you all make this possible.

I know my kind of music is different, but your openness and acceptance of trying something new with me gave me the freedom of mixing Zouk, pop, Konpa, R&B, and Reggae to create my own elixir. It is just melodious, and so are all your supports.

Everybody loves some kind of music, but few are courageous enough to take a plunge with the unique voice and style they possess in the music world. If you have the talent; show it to the world, there is always a spot marked just for you.

Why this type of music?

Over the years, I have been blessed to be a significant part of some impressive performances and collaboration (most of you must be too); this mingling and interaction with other artists who portray music the way it feels to them gave me the courage to express myself and music in my own way.

This site is to interact and build a tribe of beautiful personalities, great aura who just want to have a good time, generate positive vibes, and put the negativity aside.

Like any other starting music artist looking to find their voice in the sea of sounds, the road has been a long and rough; one full of sweat, tears, and laughter. Whether you believe it or not, I am looking forward to working with a more unique artist, more musical collaboration, and creating soulful music to get you through your day.

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.” ― HENRY DAVID THOREAU

So if you love unique sounds, exquisite beats and enjoy having a fun time regardless of the weather forecast, then please continue to visit my site and blogs to stay up to date with the latest happenings with my music, performances, collaborations, and travel journey.

We will enjoy a wonderful 2019 everyone, cheers!

Here is a link to my latest single “Judy” released on Tuesday 4th June, 2019. It is available for streaming on all platforms –

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