Places to Have Fun in Los Angeles

Discovering cool places in LA is one of my most favorite things to do and I love doing it with friends. Take it from me, these places are amazing but finding them adds to the thrill, especially when I share the experience with friends.   


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In between moving to Long Beach California and finally finding fun places in LA, there were a lot of frustrating outings. My friends fly in to visit me now and then and we try to have fun. I used to look up events happening in the area and go there, that sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong! On different occasions, we had to endure long queues and standing out in the hot sun only to get in and be bored. So I discovered hidden spots in LA (I call them jewels) and this has transformed my entire experience.


Having fun with Terron

Terron is a friend of mine who flew for his birthday, and we wanted to have fun. I have to say that if you are looking to have a good time, make sure you are in the company of fun friends and Terron is that kind of friend.


Day 1

  • First stop – Award Ceremony: That evening, we started out attending an awards ceremony because we expected an exciting after-party but sadly the after-party was a bore. People weren’t mixing with each other like the guys were on one end and the ladies on the other end and me and Terron are the kinds to hit the dancefloor hard, so it only took a minute of dancing to realize the awkwardness of the place and that was our cue to leave. 
  • Second stop – Acer Hotel Los Angeles: The Acer hotel was a different vibe from the after-party, it was relaxing. They had a rooftop Jacuzzi, there were food and lots of drinks. 
  • Last stop for the night – Standard Hotel: After Acer hotel, we decided to go to the Standard hotel because what better way to end the night than with sangria pitcher. We had a bite to eat there and it was worth it.


Day 2

  • Rooftop restaurant at Beverly Hills Montage Hotel: Terron and I decided to kick off our day toasting with red wine at the Beverly Hill Montage Hotel rooftop restaurant. The view was everything, and that made the food even tastier. 
  • Rodeo Drive: we realized Rodeo drive was just a few minutes’ walk from the Hotel, and so we decided to hit it. That was fun but the day went by so fast (I guess it does when you are enjoying yourself).
  • Padre’s at Long Beach: Because Terron and I like to have wine in the evenings, Padre’s was our next stop where we had drinks at the rooftop (second rooftop in a day).
  • The Centerpiece to wrap up the night: I must say, this is my favorite hidden jewel; it’s a hookah lounge with great games and most importantly, they let you bring your food. So, we got pizza from “Chicago pizza with a twist” (the best pizzeria in Los Angeles), and it was all pizza and popping bottles and of course having a good laugh. 


At the end of the day, it was a great time and I just had to share these amazing locations with you guys in case you are at a loss of places to have fun. You can check out this video to soak in the amazing experience


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