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    01. Stress Free
    JPLovesIt, Master Brain, Mark G

Stress Free by JPLovesIt

Song title
Stress Free
JPLovesIt feat. Master Brain & Mark G
Mark G & B Smooth
Cover Art
Stress Free by JPLovesIt feat. Master Brain & Mark G

Album Description

JPLoveslt has always been an artist at the forefront when combining different musical styles, including pop, world music, and many other genres. JP’s work set the bar higher, often breaking all the rules and following creativity rather than limitations and categories.

Album Note

What makes this song special is a combination of Compas (Haitian Creole: Kompa) and Afro-Pop, adding a lot more personality to the track and even telling a powerful story of love and acceptance in a relationship. It is very impressive to hear such a diverse range of influences in a song. The song is told from the perspective of a woman who decided to bring her walls down since she finally accepts the fact that her man is truly in love with her.

The track will hit you with some timeless production aesthetics, as well as with an emotionally driven performance, which sets the bar higher in terms of passion and energy. You’ll be treated to an amazing emotional range of tones, with a tasteful production. There are so many amazing textures and some great production choices on this release, and everything seemed to fall into place so seamlessly, giving Stress Free a personal twist.

Stress Free Lyric

[Verse 1: JPLovesIt]

I surrender, my heart into your arms
I knew right from the start
That this would be real
I surrender, my body to this dance
Because I’m in your hands
Your passion is real

[Verse 2 : Master Brain]

Baby poko poko poko poko m’ pap janm trèt ou
Yap fe ou loko pozew
Yap jwe nan tèt ou
M’ vlew pran tèt ou
Pou mwen chak jou se sen Valanten
Chak jou se fèt ou
Apre twa four loko mwen ba ou flè ak kado
E m’ pete krek ou (and that)
Ou banm yon sensatyon
Ou fèm gen tentasyon
M’ kanbe’ou paske non ‘ou se God
Ou ka Fe transaktyon
Mwen se bwa ou se tèm
Ou ye so an on plantatyon
Ann fè mizik love sa pase nan plus ke sensatyon

[Chorus: JPLovesIt]

And that’s what makes us great
Our love is not affected by poisonous snakes
Oh I surrender, no matter what they say
You and I were meant to be just wait in they’ll see

[Verse 3 :MarkG]

Baby, I never meant to hurt you
I wanted this to work
Ooh I need this to be real
And now that time is running out
You gotta make a choice
So we can be together forever

[Post-Chorus : JPLovesIt]

Together forever and ever together forever and ever (2x)
Lanmou sa pap jam fini
Kite yo ya we
Ooooh ooooh amou mwen
I’m stress free

Bridge : Mark G & JPLovesit]
Oh I, I’m stress free ( 8x)

[Verse 4: Mark G]
I can’t imagine doing this again girl
Don’t want to go through this again
So let’s work it out, baby.


Oh( 3x )

[Breakdown : JPLovesIt]

I’m your queen white teeth and (dark skin)
Sure I like love it when you say that’s my queen
Ain’t no change in us
You got a little something there let me help
(men napkin)

Have a seat babe, have a seat babe
So I can break it to you what you mean babe
No we’re never going bye-bye bye-bye (2x)

No I won’t cheat
And I won’t leave you
And I in a pod we’re just two peas
We do smart things,
And sometimes we do dumb things
Twin flames in this life
That’s why they call us Bonnie and Clyde
And at the end of the day
Everyone will have something to say
But we’re stressfree

You know
They know
We know
I’m stressed free
Oh tout ke mwen man menw mwen konen’ou pap lagem cheri (2x)

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  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Stress Free
    JPLovesIt, Master Brain, Mark G

  • cover play_circle_filled

    01. Stress Free
    JPLovesIt, Master Brain, Mark G

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